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About Arch Aggressive Portfolio


The Arch Aggressive Portfolio (AAGG) belongs to our family of portfolios and is aimed at capturing the long-term upside of Web3, while still providing diversification with yield-bearing tokens.

AAGG portfolio is designed for long-term investors that prioritize potentially higher returns over risk or volatility.

The portfolio focus is on maximizing returns through higher exposure to growth-oriented assets in the Web3 space.

What sets our portfolio construction apart is our innovative methodology, which includes subset resampling. This technique enhances the efficiency of the mean-variance optimization process, enabling us to identify the most efficient portfolios with the highest expected returns for a given level of risk. Our Arch Aggressive Portfolio is ideally rebalanced quarterly, allowing us to make adjustments based on market conditions or performance.

The AAGG portfolio is available to swap, mint, and redeem on the Polygon network.

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