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All-time high price


Set about 2 months ago

on February 3rd, 2023 at 3:34:52 AM UTC

The all-time highest price ever paid for Ai Smart Chain was 0.045 USD. This ATH price was set on February 3rd, 2023.

About Ai Smart Chain


AISC aims to be the first AI managed web3 ecosystem in history, leading the crypto space by providing the cutting-edge innovations and the most competitive modern solutions to the industry's needs.

AISC's vision is to provide modern solutions to crypto trading, transfers, storage, portfolio management and more, by implementing an Artificial Intelligence based smart-features to an already established ecosystem of dApps.

Furthermore, we want to create and additional value for our holders and community members by educating them about the AI tech and the possibilities it opens, supporting creative individuals and especially young developers interested in working with AI, and giving the opportunity to be amongst the first to use our tech

The AISC Ecosystem will consist of a blockchain and a number of dApps, based on an already proven-to-be-effective solutions.

This means that it will include all of your everyday-use web3 products; a decentralized exchange, blockchain explorer, portfolio manager, etc., but adding the above mentioned AI features, such as AI trading bots, smart storage solutions and more.

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