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Set 8 months ago

on April 4th, 2021 at 3:15:53 AM UTC

The highest price ever paid for Alacrity was 0.06 USD, set on April 4th, 2021.

About Alacrity


Allows optimizing returns through a multi-chain yield-farming mechanism for stable coin farming with the highest possible risk-adjusted returns. To maximize returns, the protocol employs the highest risk-adjusted APY's.

An inbuilt robo-advisory service designed to chalk out profitable and customized strategies for users to hold better positions based on their financial goals.

DeFi users can leverage their crypto assets to their greatest potential by pledging them in smart contracts to avail loans for unanticipated circumstances. The process to avail of an instant over-collateralized loan is quite uncluttered and hassle-free.

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