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To address growing user application needs, blockchain technology has evolved from distributed ledger, to smart contract technology that supports all sorts of application logic, through to providing layer-0 and layer-1 SDK technology that facilitates rapid building of new blockchains, and building layer-2 to solve problems that couldn't be solved with layer-1 technology, as well as bi-directional cross-chain technology.

However, other than promoting security, reliability and decentralization, there hasn't to-date been a single blockchain technology that can sufficiently meet the following requirements:

massively parallel processing

modularized and extensible

customizable and configurable

Armonia's founding team believes it takes a multichain blockchain platform technology to achieve the above objectives, which can then service every individual and business user globally. It is also Armonia's founding team's belief that the to-be-built metaverse will be a truly decentralized, open and multi-chain universe which harbors users, assets, transactions and smart-contract based, mission-critical DApps.

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