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Set 24 days ago

on September 5th, 2022 at 5:11:20 AM UTC

The all-time highest price ever paid for Baby BitBurnReflect was 25.13 USD. This ATH price was set on September 5th, 2022.

About Baby BitBurnReflect


What is this token? - This token (#BBBR) is reflecting #BB which is the “daddy” project that distributes  BTC rewards and has a unique true burn mechanism.

How do I benefit by holding this token? - By holding this token you are rewarded with 4% #BB reflections in turn are then being rewarded with 5% BTC rewards by accumulating on the reflections. ( #BBBR > #BB > #BTC )

Why should I ape? - This token is backed/partnered with the daddy token & also backed by whales. You are accumulating a constant burning supply and by holding this token is also on a constant burn. YOU ARE VERY EARLY.

WEN Marketing? - Marketing schedule from the 29th -  YouTube ads (Paid), CN Banners (Paid), Safe Analysis Bot (Paid), Buy Bot (Paid), Hulu ads (Paid), iHeart Radio ads (Paid), TG Callers (Incoming), CMC & CG (Applied), Trending CMC and Dextools (Incoming), CEX (Incoming), MASSIVE BIG BUY COMPS over 1bnb…. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?

Utility? - Our UNIQUE utility is an audit software but this is different as it audits even proxy contracts which even Certik can't do. User case prototype should come up in a week and half as the software guy is currently working on it as we speak. Payment has been already made… THIS IS NOT A DEGEN.

Tokenomics: (changes accordingly)

Buy - 11 / Sell - 11

True Burn - 1%

$BBR Rewards : 2% (was increased to 4% as well but overall taxes were same)

Marketing - 6%

Liquidity - 2%

Supply - 1 Million

Market Cap


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