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Set 11 hours ago

on October 21st, 2021 at 11:29:57 AM UTC

The highest price ever paid for Bankless BED Index was 182.11 USD, set on October 21st, 2021.

About Bankless BED Index


The BED index is meant to track crypto’s top 3 investable assets.

The proposed index is a full portfolio solution intended for beginners, or as part of a core-satellite construction for more advanced investors.

It seeks to give safe, passive access to a vehicle which captures equal-weighted upside from the most promising use cases and candidates around the theme of blockchain as a generationally disruptive technology: store of value, programmable money, and decentralized finance.

Bankless brings a strong reputation and expertise to the table and has an audience which represents the core personas this index seeks to serve. We have referred to this construction as the Bankless portfolio in the past.

The BED meme, a theoretical index now potentially brought to life by Index Coop, has captured the hearts of the Ethereum community. BED and Bankless have great brand recognition amongst our target personas and we expect Bankless can use it’s media platform spanning video, podcasts, and articles to educate newcomers on the assets in the BED index.

The composition would be:

33% Bitcoin

33% Ether

33% DPI

Rebalanced on a monthly basis

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