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All-time high price


Set over 4 years ago

on October 4th, 2018 at 12:58:17 PM UTC

The all-time highest price ever paid for Bitcoin Adult was 0.074 USD. This ATH price was set on October 4th, 2018.

About Bitcoin Adult


Bitcoin Adult is fast, secure and private technically advanced Proof of Stake community cryptocurrency focused to become an ultimate payment solution for adult entertainment industry. Dramatically faster, cheaper, and more scalable than Bitcoin in its current form, Bitcoin Adult is designed to provide a scalable and sustainable alternative to Bitcoin. Using proof of stake with masternodes to secure the network, instead of proof of work we solve problems like high network fees, slow transaction times and massive energy consumption. Visible and traceable transactions leaves users vulnerable as anyone has the ability to see all associated transactions and balances. To solve this problem, we implemented zerocoin protocol which enables each transaction to be private.

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