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Set about 1 month ago

on April 29th, 2024 at 9:25:45 AM UTC

The all-time highest price ever paid for Cat of ELON was 0.0025 USD. This ATH price was set on April 29th, 2024.

About Cat of ELON


Gatsby, Marvin the Martian, and Schrödinger Musk has tweeted about a string of other pets he owns on Twitter, including two dogs and a cat. In 2018, he tweeted: "We have a big dog called Gatsby, a little dog called Marvin the Martian & a cat named Schrödinger." The name Schrödinger refers to the infamous thought experiment created by Erwin Schrödinger in the 1930s. Gatsby and Marvin have even visited the famous dog whisperer Cesar Milan, who posted a picture of them on his Instagram in 2018. Elon has also tweeted "Ai is Schrödinger's code recently"

Fair launch

No bull-shit fair launch, renounced contract, LP forever burned, 0/0 buy/sell tax, 100% safu.

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The ticker symbol ”ELONCAT” also represents other assets