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Algoracle is a decentralized oracle network that links the Algorand blockchain to the physical world. To obtain data, smart contracts building on Algorand can call the feed contract for values. Algoracle will also debut sports, cryptocurrencies, stock, and weather feeds over the coming months.

The Algorand Foundation says this about Algoracle, “Algoracle is Algorand’s premier oracle, built natively on Algorand for and by Algorand developers. We’re excited for what’s to come!”

Moreover, Algoracle employs a network of feed providers and node runners to deliver feeds to smart contracts to ensure decentralization. Currently, institutional-grade providers such as AmberData, Brave New Coin, CryptoCompare, and dxFeed are providing Cryptocurrency price data to power the testnet app. Regarding future goals, the focus will be on adding a variety of feeds such as Sports, Weather, NFT prices as well as off-chain computation capabilities before launching to mainnet.

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